Essential Questions To Ask When Selecting A Meeting Room

Choosing the right meeting room or venue can prove to be taxing and overwhelming especially when you are presented with a lot of options and a limited time to zero in on one.

Organizing meetings is a lot of work and selecting a meeting room could amplify the stress even further. You just have so much in your hands and very little time to spare. We cannot reiterate more the importance of having a meeting room that boosts productivity and fosters teamwork. So, to help ease off the workload, here are essential questions to ask when selecting a meeting room:

  • How many people can you accommodate in the venue?

Always ask for the seating capacity to see if the venue can properly accommodate your team. You should check on the number of people that you are expecting at the event before you book the venue. Depending on your lineup of activities, check too on whether they have adjacent meeting rooms that will allow team building activities or exhibits to be carried out in the event. You should also discuss the seating arrangements depending on the number of participants and meeting style.

  • What are your options for pricing?

Set a budget for renting a meeting room. Work around these figures. Make sure that the owner knows your budget and ask about the packages aligned with your budget restrictions. Ask what the price covers such as if it includes food and beverage, decorations, et cetera. Ask about the prices on room rental and audio visual which is necessary for holding meetings or conferences.

  • What’s on the menu?

How many hours would you be holding the meeting? Would it be half day or full day? Depending on the hours spent on your meeting, you would definitely need a catering service that can provide a full day’s meal from breakfast, lunch, and evening (with snack breaks in between). Check on their menu offerings and prices so that you can decide which one fits your budget and meal preferences.

  • What facilities and services are available for use?

Respectable venues would offer standard services and facilities to guests. Some of the standard benefits included in the package would be tech support, refreshments, syndicate rooms, audiovisual or meeting equipment, meeting toolkit, main meeting room, and syndicate rooms.

  • Do you offer room accommodations?

If you have guests or participants coming from distant locations, then they would be requiring accommodations. Check if they have hotel accommodations of you can come up with a list of hotel accommodations, motels, or boutique hotels that are adjacent to the meeting venue.

The staff’s response time with inquiries and other special requests would give you a clue on their sense of professionalism and how they treat clients. It is advisable to conduct a site visit and see the venue for yourself before deciding on whether you want to book or not. While you’re there, you can now check on the facilities, amenities, and services to see if it suits your meeting needs. You can even do food-tasting. You can also determine whether the venue is spacious enough for the participants and if the group activities can be carried out in the said venue.

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